Better A Witty Fool Than A Foolish Wit

Lizzie / 17 / Scotland

Hey I’ve never really posted anything like this but I really need to show my mums friend how great her artwork really is! These are a collection of art pieces she did in one weekend and these pictures I took honestly don’t do them justice. After telling her how great I thought they were she kinda shrugged off the comment as if she didn’t believe me. She’s not in a good position with her job as she’s been taking time off sick with a recent fall into depression after losing a close relative. I questioned further into her art and why she hasn’t ever done anything with it before and she said that it just never worked out and didn’t feel confident with her skill, even though she knew from the age of about 6 that it’s what she was made to do. Please get this as many notes as possible so I can try and prove to her that she has an amazing talent that cannot go to waste!

  • 17 May 2014
  • 159